This is an interesting subject that gets very little mention.
In part, an acid test on how you really feel about yourself’
I remember well the days I disliked quiet time by myself. I’d turn on the radio, the television or take other actions that would break the quiet- THE SOLITUDE.
I was not comfortable in my own skin. CAN YOU RELATE??
I wanted more and struck out on a path to find a ME that I like and respect. A ME I enjoy, even relish, spending time with.
The journey I coach is the journey I took, one I live to guide others on!
“People who take time to be alone usually have depth, originality, and quiet reserve.” John Miller
Sometimes, I need to be alone. I need time to listen to my thoughts, consider my opinions, and strengthen my body. I need to pull away from my hectic life to be alone with me. As a drinking alcoholic, I hated to be alone. I became paranoid about “leaving the fort.” Today I accept that nobody is indispensable, and the world will still be there when I return from the desert! I grow in the stillness of solitude. I can rest in that “still” part of me that is my essential self. God is very close to me in the silence.
God, in the stillness of Your life, I am healed and rejuvenated.
KEITH BRAY Master Certified Coach

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