SPIRITUALITYA great topic. And not to be confused with religion. While many people with true religious beliefs are “spiritual” it does not require a religion to be a spiritual person!In reading Leo Booth’s commentary below, there is a very valid point made, and one that many have trouble getting their heads around.As we go through the current world health crisis, there are many positive and heroic stories emerging.What should not be forgotten is that the vast majority of people are taking action for the common good, either on the front lines or in a different way, adjusting their lives to minimize the threat.Something greater than the individual is manifesting it’s self in actions we are witnessing. GOD (good orderly direction) IS prevailing in a time of crisis. You don’t need a religion to see something bigger than you at work as the vast majority pull together for a common cause.This is SPITITUALITY at work. You can feel it inside of you if you take the quiet time to feel it.It appears that the period of restricted behaviour will be extended. From this I believe will come a new norm.Draw on the spiritual, that small quiet norm inside of you to insure the new norm is a kinder world where we can pull together for the common good.In going forward, remember whatever higher power you know exists has given you the right to choose. Hear the small quiet voice within and let it guide your choices. Better days are coming and I hope this truly is a situation where short term pain leads to long term gain. Make wise and thoughtful choices today and act as if you are infected! luv


“It is not that I think or believe, but that I know.” -Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Some things I seem to know intuitively, and I know spirituality is involved in, and affects, everything. In a human being, it combines the physical, mental, and emotional states, but it also reaches beyond the human being and connects the peoples of the world. Spirituality is the force for good and wholeness in the universe. This is not just an opinion or a thought. It is a feeling that runs so deep in my being that I know it must be true. When I read, listen to music, or watch a movie, this feeling is often evoked. I know God is alive in the world and wants it to be one. – Leo Booth

In the silence of Your world I know You.

KEITH BRAY  Master Certified Coach  www.coached2success.com

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