Start Point

A reading that will make sense to many.You  have things you want to change in your self, but don’t really know who you are.Read and you may appreciate what the real start point is. This reading is gentle!This my friends, talks to exactly what the coaching process is all about.Thursday here. Let’s free ourselves to choose a great day. luv

She lives on the reflections of herself in the eyes of others. She doesn’t dare to be herself.

~Anaïs Nin

Do I know myself only in the image of what others make of me? Do I exist only in the gaze of others? What would happen if there was nobody to see me, to make me up? Would I simply disappear and cease to exist?

If we lack a sense of ourselves as people changing, on the move, in a process of growth, then it is easy to let ourselves become fixed, defined, static, lifeless. Other people will always be happy to do the work of defining us if we are unwilling to find out who we are ourselves. Of course we need to be seen and noticed and valued by others—but not at the expense of ourselves. We must dare to be. We must take the risk of creating ourselves and get to know and like ourselves—this strange and wonderful creature.

KEITH BRAY Master Certified Coach

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