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This morning, after watching a beautiful sunrise and doing my morning routine, including meditation/quiet time, I had the urge to write. Every day I receive various readings, and this one sparked a thought.I believe, in each of us there is a story. Some have full awareness of their story, and can verbalise under the proper circumstances.Again from my personal experience, there are many who have a story inside that they want no one to know. One the outside they appear fine, on the inside there is a troubled, insecure child.I had a coach who, through questioning, got my inside story to the outside, and this allowed me to see it from a distance, understand what caused negatives inside of me, to accept it, and along with my coach, to plot and take a course of action that gave me freedom.Along the trail, and generally when asked, much as the story teller in this reading, my coach shared similar experiences to mine. Funny, after hearing so many stories, I have learned that most who are troubled by the secrets inside, have similar stories with each other, and need to have them drawn out of the in a safe, arms length, non-judgemental session(s).I do realise I’ve put a little twist on this reading, but upon reflection, come to the same truth.Do whatever you need to do to uncover those secrets and fears that lurk within, and your payoff will be a life you’ve sought for a long time.Find a trusted confidant with experience to guide you!! luv

The universe is made up of stories, not atoms.

~Muriel Rukeyser

There was once a storyteller who told many people of her life. They listened and heard their own stories in hers. Hearing her story, they didn’t feel so lonely anymore. Hearing about someone else who had lost things and people she loved, who had felt lonely, scared, and unsure of herself, let them feel less crazy when similar things happened to them.

Because of the healing they felt through hearing someone else’s story, some of the listeners decided to become storytellers themselves. As they recounted their stories, they found that letting out secrets that had bothered them for years freed them to feel good about who they were and who they had always wanted to be.

What secrets can I share today?

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