SUCCESSSuccess is something we all see, yet many feel they do not achieve.Success means different things to different people, and I work with others to help them define what success is to them, then walk a path to achieve it.Success generally is NOT created alone, it is co-created and this certainly is not understood.Within each of us their is that small quiet voice and to achieve success you must make a lot of hard choices and be able to gain the courage from within.You can be guided but no one can find success for you! It is a choice you have to make, and to do that, most require some external direction.As we go through the establishment of new norms, do you want to find the path, then walk it? The path to how YOU define success!!An interesting reading. Don’t dismiss it lightly, you owe yourself the time to think about it and make decisions.Today, let’s make healthy choices, be safe and to protect others, “Act as if”. luv


Success has always been easy to measure. It is the distance between one’s origins and one’s final achievement. -Michael Korda

Success is implied in Say Yes to Your Spirit. We can use many words to describe success: healing, recovery, empowerment, prosperity, health. They all imply a choice to improve our lives. Choice is essential. We will get out of our lives what we want. We create our success. Is God involved? Yes. But God does not make us successful. God does not make us happy. God does not make us prosperous. We are also involved. This is cocreation. This is the dance in God, and it is the key ingredient that is often not taught in religious worship. We make miracles! Even in the title for this book, Say Yes to Your Spirit, we are the ones saying yes.

Today I understand that success is my choice.

KEITH BRAY  Master Certified Coach

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