The Blame Game

The Blame Game (nothing but my rant}

It’s a whole new world we live in!!

I think my wife described it best, when I asked her how she is feeling, with the answer… BLAAH! Most of us understand better than we ever had, what Blaah is.

I can rationally accept that we have a new strain of virus. A very contagious virus, circulating throughout the world. I accept that particularly amongst us older people, it has a good chance of killing us, and for the younger, making you ill. I fully accept the new word asymptomatic, there are infected people amongst us that have no idea that they are carrying the virus. To me, these things and more are a new reality.

Funny enough, I can accept the fact that this world we live in was not prepared for a virus of this magnitude to appear. Yes, every year we have one strain of flu or another that spreads globally and kills some vulnerable people, this has happened throughout my lifetime.

But we have a good idea of what we are dealing with in the flu, and those who chose, can be vaccinated. Plus, it is seasonal. We spent winters (ours) in South Africa and it was their summer. Flu and colds were not an issue. I get a flu shot every year, and have not had the flu or even a bad cold in many years.

Covid 19 came out of the blue. The debate goes on endlessly about who knew about it when and a tremendous amount of time is spent pointing fingers. China hid it, Trump minimised it and on it goes. The country, state, province, facility or whatever SHOULD HAVE HAD MORE EMERGENCY SUPPLIS on hand. Shoulda, woulda, coulda!! We can learn from the situation for the future, but was difference do these things make in the reality of what is today.

The BLAME GAME is a total WASTE OF TIME, is negative and is beat upon in a time when negativity IS NOT NEEDED.

It certainly has got politicised and polarized people as they run around pointing fingers.

I have certainly watched enough information, non blaming, non political facts, to know there are common sense we can follow to minimize spread, and I can tell you, I do not want Covid personally and nor do I wish it on anyone else!!

From this pandemic we have learned, in particular, how bad health care is in our homes for the aged. We have seen the value of PSWs and maintenance people, the effects of understaffing and paying too little to workers. Can we learn from this?

We have seen the need for likely local manufacture and larger inventories of emergency garb of all forms and other protective gear and ventilators. And there must be more.

Hopefully, we can have a national supply center that procures properly, keeps a large central inventory and rotates product properly. What is the point on wasting breath today placing blame? Fact is, we were not prepared.


Learning the real facts and using them to make a better future is all we can really do.

There are certain, evidence-based things, we have learned. Without belaboring, distancing and hygiene are right up top.

I am concerned about our economy and also the amount of debt government is taking on.

Yes, the wheels of commerce must begin to turn, and all the learning we have gained must be applied. No doubt about that.

People have blatantly given the finger to simple common sense with the cover that they have rights. As they do, so have I.

They do not have a right to congregate on beaches or other public areas with observing proper distancing. They do not have the right to form protest group or march in close proximity to each other. They have a right to let their opinions be known, but not to the point of civil disobedience and putting themselves in a position they can be a threat to others. They don’t care if they get sick…..fine. But if you choose to violate common sense rules, the choose to totally isolate from mainstream. Quit blaming leaders for doing what is proper for the majority when you are putting so many others at risk.

The scary thing is that they walk amongst us!

So back to the start!

There is a good reason people are feeling Blaah! You should allow yourself to feel what you are feeling and talk about it.

There is a reason we get introspective; from introspection we can learn.

If the current situation has depressed you or put you at a point that you’re unhappy with you, don’t blame, have the courage to get help and take action. The current situation has given us a chance to examine our lives. Some are very unhappy about what they have found. Don’t blame others, look within


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