Always a good reminder and a chance to look in the mirror.
I can relate to a period of my life where blaming others for my misfortunes happened a lot. It was much easier to look at you and blame you for MY troubles than take a good hard look in the mirror.
There is a time in our very early lives where others really do have a huge influence on outcomes and we are not mature enough to be responsible. We need to be protected and guided.
There are so many as adults that love to blame others for all the issues they have. It’s much easier than looking in the mirror and finding the real problem that has to be dealt with.
The things that happen to me in life today are certainly influenced by others and by circumstances. That being said, I have to look at my own actions and my role in situations and exercise the ability to make choices. We all have, take responsibility for me and my actions, and do the right thing.
In most situations, I have a role in what has happened to me as an adult, particularly where emotions are involved.
THE BLAME GAME AT SOME POINT HAS TO STOP. I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY LIFE and to execute this decently, I must stay spiritually fit.
If m honest with that person in the mirror, I get answers!!
Your faults aren’t my concern; MINE ARE!!
Reflection for the DayLooking back, I realize just how much of my life has been spent in dwelling upon the faults of others. It provided much self-satisfaction, to be sure, but I see now just how subtle and actually perverse the process became. After all was said and done, the net effect of dwelling on the so-called faults of others was self-granted permission to remain comfortably unaware of my own defects. Do I still point my finger at others and thus self-deceptively overlook my own shortcomings?

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