TIME TO GROW UP??For years, I carried the burden of blaming my mother for all the issues I had. It was an easy but heavy burden I used as an excuse.I know one of my own offspring, well into adulthood, deduced that parents were the source of all his problems including a failed business.And I don’t think this is unique to our family.As I was coached on a journey of change, the lights finally came on.Those that loved me did the best they were equipped to do.For quite a period of time I had the ability to take responsibility for my life and my successes or failures. It was time to examine things and take responsibility. Stop the convience of blaming “them” for things that were happening.As we’ve gone through the pandemic, I have had to keep this top of mind. To easy to point fingers, ultimately I. and only I. am responsible for my happiness and to get it requires action on my part.This reading sparked these thoughts!”

Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.

~Anne Frank We must take responsibility for ourselves, for who we become, for how we live each day. The temptation to blame others may be ever present. And much of our past adds up to wasted days or years perhaps, because we did blame someone else for the unhappiness in our lives.We may have blamed our own parents for not loving us enough. We may have labeled our husbands the villains. Other people did affect us. That’s true. However, we chose, you and I, to let them control us, overwhelm us, shame us. We always had other options, but we didn’t choose them.KEITH BRAY  Master Certified Coach  http://www.coached2success.com   khbray@rogers.com

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