Is it time to grow up and be an adult??We are certainly in unchartered waters as we go through a pandemic, and there are certain common sense rules that have been put in place to help contain things. There are some particular groups that have been proven to be at high risk and it is upon all of to do what we have to do to protect them (and everyone one else).We have all seen through the media behaviour that has not been suitable for the time we’re going through including neglecting social distancing and hoarding! Is this grown up behaviour.Thousands of us are in situations where 14 day isolation SHOULD be a given. Many are ignoring, others are strongly expressing boredom. Many are going to learn a lot about themselves and get a wake up call that it is time to make big change within. Coaching is a great option to help a person mature internally!!The reading contained will give you some good thoughts on this subject. Likely, you have the time to digest the thought contained and make some decisions as they relate solely to you. Is it time to grow up and take responsibility of your life. As A Down’s Syndrome client has learned from my daughter, “I am the boss of me”.Every day you have choice that was freely given. I hope you’ll make good positive ones every day!! LUV

  • You’re never too old to grow up. ~Shirley Conran A child’s view of adults is that they have arrived at some fixed point where they are emancipated and have all the tools necessary for life. An adult knows that we never stop growing. Many of us have been stuck in an immature level of development. Our life stresses and our addictions took us off the track of emotional growth. We found substitutes and evasions for truly dealing with the normal life problems. Now we are back on the much more rewarding path of truly living and growing. We accept the adult wisdom that we all need help and we all continue to learn and grow throughout our life span. We finally feel like adults because we take responsibility for our actions. We don’t blame others for our problems, and when our days feel challenging, we can ask for help. Back on our path, we are never alone. Today, I am grateful to be on the path of dealing with my life and continuing to grow truly stronger.

KEITH BRAY Master Certified Coach www.coached2success.com

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