TO SEE THE PROBLEM!From Covey’s opening quote, to the end of this short reading, I could relate! It can be very difficult to see a problem within you, even though you know something is not right.So many are in denial. Problem? What problem? Certainly not within me.Nut they live restless, irritable, discontent and constantly searching.Generally, the problem, and the solution, are right in front of them!!One of the best arguments ever for seeking help from outside to get you to see. and with the right help, to address, the problem.It starts by really seeing and accepting it!!Beautiful day and it will continue by choice. Today I will talk to my “coach” for a check from my head on down! What are you going to do to get or keep on the path to healthy living? luv

The way we see the problem is the problem. ~Stephen R. Covey Many of us have a mind-set that keeps us on a treadmill. It’s not for lack of effort that our lives reel out of control. We struggle to move forward. We work hard to manage the unmanageable. But with all our busy efforts, we can’t see that we are continuously recycling the same problem over and over. The solution we need may be right before our eyes. Our denial is confusing us; we don’t even know we are denying anything. We cannot solve our problems alone—or even see the problems clearly from the inside. That’s what friends do for us. They reflect back to us what we are missing. That’s why we need to have good talks with others who have walked the same path that we are on. The strongest, most powerful men have wise advisers who show them things they don’t know. They accept the role of seeker and learner because that is the way they enhance themselves. Today, I will be open to seeing my problems in ways I couldn’t imagine on my own.

KEITH BRAY  Master Certified Coach

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