Please take the time to read the cute little story below.I’d like to get an answer from each of you to the simple question below.As we steer through interesting times, it will provide you with a positive challenge!! luv

Where is the yesterday that worried us so?
—Joan Walsh Anglund

In the fairy tale The Last Dream of the Old Oak Tree, the oak tree felt sorry for the dayfly. The dayfly only lives for one day, and the tree was already 365 years old. But the dayfly was so enjoying his one-day that the tree’s sympathy puzzled him. The dayfly said to the tree, “You may have thousands of my days, but I have thousands of moments to be pleased and happy in.”

And so the dayfly continued to dance in the sun and smell the clover and honeysuckle. His day ended as happily as he spent it, and he settled down on a blade of grass.

If all of us could approach our day the way the dayfly does, as though this were our only day, we would spend less time worrying about yesterday and tomorrow.

How can I show my gratitude for the gift of this day?From Today’s Gift: Daily Meditations for Families ©1985, 1991 by Hazelden Foundation. 
Make a difference today Love Clint 

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