I was very sad to learn my good friend Dr. Paul White passed away last evening about 6 pm. Paul was finally taken by complications brought about by Covid.After a tough childhood in Peterborough, Paul went through UWO and Ontario College Of Chiropractic graduating as a Doctor.During UWO Paul married his childhood love, (Dr. Elanor Petrie now White) who until the ended, protected him.As well as operating a hugely successful practice in Markham with Ellie as his business partner, Paul rose the ranks in the world of Karate, becoming an internationally acclaimed fighter and teacher.Along the path, Ellie and Paul separated in their personal relationship and finally business partnership.Paul became involved with a lady and with her, father two children.Somewhere along this path alcohol became a devastating factor in Paul’s life resulting in another broken relationship, loss of his practice, loss of health and it’s grip took him to the point of homelessness. Thank God Ellie took him in and made sure he had a roof over his head and was well taken care of for the balance of his life.Paul tried treatment centers and regularly attended 12 step meetings. I was his sponsor for decades and up until yesterday.He was one of those people who for the longest period was constitutionally incapable of achieving sobriety.Paul developed Korsakov Syndrome (wet brain) and many other complications along the way.In 2010, suddenly, the compulsion to drink was lifted from Paul, and he spent the last 11 years of his life clean and sober. THIS WAS SOMETHING THAT GAVE PAUL HAPPINESS TO THE END.For the last five years Paul has been institutionalized as the impact of his brain damage took it’s toll.To the end, Paul got great care, hung on to his Catholic beliefs, maintained a great sense of humour and every now and again his brilliant intelligence would break through.Elanor made sure he got great care and loved him. He went in peace.Dr. Paul was a dear friend to me. I loved him deeply and have a hole in my heart today although I’m happy he has finally found peace.Over the years I spent countless hours with Paul both in person and over the phone. He and Ellie were our guests for many years in our home over holiday periods. My 4 kids thought he was weird, but love him!Ellie, my heart is with you but is full of gratitude that Paul was a part of my life.RIP OLD BUDDY. Paul was 68.

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