WAKE UP PEOPLE, TAKE THIS TO HEART. LEARN IT< DO IT< LIVE IT!!In both my coaching and volunteer life as well as life in general, I hear a lot of what can only be called negative bitching. And for what purpose.This is broken, she he did this to me, it isn’t fair……. and the beat goes on. People, a basic rule, LIFE IS TOUGH. LIFE IS NOT FAIR.Personally, I try to make a focus on gratitude a part of my daily life, starting first thing in the morning! I’m GRATEFUL TO SEE THE GREEN SIDE UP, FOR THE GOOD THINGS THAT MY HIGHER POWER HAS PUT INTO MY LIFE UNEXPECTEDLY, for a wife and family who love me, for friends who support and so on. Today I am grateful to a coach who simplified and corrected an issue I was having.When I see people I work with, I often ask them to do a written gratitude list. It must be written to make the person think and externalize. And funny enough, it usually quickly changes a mind set.Today, why don’t we all consciously focus on having an attitude of gratitude? If you try it, how about some feedback on results!! luv Hide original message Gratitude is a way of life.Saying thank you from the heart makes us feel full. Perhaps we don’t really know we have something until we express our thanks for it. There are different levels of gratitude. There is the polite, automatic response when someone opens a door for us or the bank teller tells us to have a nice day. Simple, almost perfunctory, these acts of courtesy nevertheless add an element of grace to our daily transactions. On a more personal level, saying thank you often and sincerely to those we love keeps us from taking each other for granted. We all like to feel appreciated – how many relationships dry up because the people involved don’t realize what they have? Then there is the gratitude we feel toward the God of our understanding, the source of all the blessings we enjoy but do not create for ourselves. This thankfulness can be a part of every breath we take. As often as we remember the many gifts of every day, our emptiness is filled.Today, I will replenish my supply of gratitude. You are reading from the book:Inner Harvest by Elisabeth L.

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