Really enjoyed this reading today. Modified slightly from the original before posting. This ties in with concepts that I coach.
“Real generosity toward the future consists in giving all to what is present.” Albert Camus

Much of the gratitude I talk about needs to be centered in what I do with today. I consciously focus on the present, rather than procrastinating for the future. When my mental hygiene was less than good, I either lived in the guilt of yesterday or the fear of tomorrow. I missed the reality of the present. The present moment is all I have. Through this moment, I live, breathe, and have my existence! My understanding of prayer is centered in the present moment because any understanding of relationship and communication, especially with my personal Higher Power, must begin from where I am, rather than where I would like to be. Spirituality is the reality of the moment.

Spirit of the universe, thank You for the life I experience in the moment.

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