With what the world is going through right now, I think this is very appropriate.
Want to face the inner you and live without not needed worries? A program of co-created life recovery is available and remember, this too shall pass, but not in the time that suits us!! luv2 Years AgoSee Your Memorieschevron-rightKeith BrayMay 1, 2018 ·

Loved this reading this morning. Right message at the right time!!
Today I will let my Higher Power handle my worry so that I can be free. I choose to be alive in this moment and not blocked by conversations that go over and over in my head. I will stop trying to figure everything out and will trust that I will get the right answers at the right time. – Ruth Fishel

Worry forms a box and keeps us stuck in it. When we stay with our fears and concerns they box us in, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They become blocks to all our senses. They keep us from feeling anything else. We cannot hear, see, smell, touch or speak of anything positive. We are closed to joy and love. We are stuck.

If your eyes are blinded with your worries you cannot see the beauty of the sunset. – Krishnamurti

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