This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND
This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND


Hard to believe a year has gone by since our last letter and what a difference a year makes! I am certain we can all agree that 2020 has been nothing short of spectacular in its own way, definitely one for the books! Hopefully, we have learned some lessons along the way. We are entering a period of fundamental change in our society and parts of the road will be bumpy. Time to take a deep breath, recharge our batteries and get ready for the year ahead. All we want for Christmas is a Covid-19 vaccine so life can return to normal; although, it will likely be a new normal, a time of transformation, a time of change and for many a time of new opportunities.

As with most people, we have had our fair share of changes in addition to the roadblocks/potholes this year has offered. We have moved to Stittsville and are currently renting a house. Diane had surgery and Keith had his own brush with our health system with a broken toe, cancer/radiation treatments and a variety of ailments that have made us realize we are aging. The good news is we are healing well and count our blessings, we are the lucky ones! We have lost great friends and think about them daily; we are thankful that we have had them in our lives. We will honour their legacy as Diane, Ziggy and Keith celebrate a quiet Christmas this year while respecting our health departments’ recommendations of social-distancing.

The wonders of technology will allow us to see our kids and grand kids over the holiday. All are healthy but live a goodly distance from us, and in these times, we won’t travel or take unnecessary risk. They know we love them.

We bought a winter home in Ocala, Florida and had the opportunity to spend one night there before being recalled to Canada due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Needless to say, we will not be spending time there this winter either; hopefully we will remember how to get to it when the border opens up! Luckily, we kept our booths, mitts, winter jackets, balaclava and long-johns; they should come in handy! Ziggy on the other hand isn’t quite sure what is going on and is giving us the evil-eye. She would much rather be chasing geckos than snowballs.

Even with all that has gone on, we remain full of gratitude for what we have got. With all that is going on both in Canada and the world around us, it keeps our setbacks in perspective.

From Diane, Keith and Ziggy, make it a great holiday season, stay healthy and know the year ahead will be a much brighter one.  Love

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